Monday, March 19, 2012


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Hi and Welcome to Lotsa Cutesies!  I'm starting this blog to show my work to the world and help find new customers to my etsy shop.  I make and sell custom made quilts and pillows using up-cycled clothes such as baby clothes or tshirt quilts, plush toys made from children's drawings.  I also have a made by kids section of my shop where my niece sells loom knit baby hats and my daughters sell perler bead magnets.

I plan on adding tutorials for the plush toys and quilts that I make.  I will also post about other things I'm interested in such as Birthday Party's for my kids.  My soon to be 8-year-old will be having a Rainbow Theme Slumber Party for her birthday this Friday so I should be posting on that soon.  Other interests include making Halloween costumes for the kids, creating things with perler beads, crocheting, crafts, etc...

I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks so much for visiting!

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