Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainbow Theme Birthday Party

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Our daughter, Ashley, turned 8 and she requested a rainbow theme birthday party/slumber party so, of course, that's what she got.  Our children are a little spoiled : )

I made her a rainbow doodle cake for her birthday which you can find directions for here and I just added fondant to it with this recipe and let her color on it with food color markers which were bought at Wal-Mart.  This was my first time making and eating fondant.  It's not very tasty, but it can be peeled back if you don't like the taste.  I didn't really like the buttercream icing either that the recipe calls for.  If I were to make it again, I would just use box cake mix batter and color that and use canned frosting.  I think the kids would have liked it better that way.  Btw....yes, I did put my rainbow colors in the wrong order.  I guess I got tired, lol.
Here's the Birthday girl with her presents from her family.  I got the wrapping ideas from pinterest. You can find them on my pinterest board "gift wrapping" here 
I added food coloring to wedding bubbles to make Rainbow Bubbles.
We made Rainbow Popcorn for a snack while we watched movies.
We made this Streamer Rainbow Backdrop.  Ashley made the Pot of Gold herself.  I found a tutorial here 
The kids had a blast playing Just Dance on the Wii!
Here's a Rainbow fruit tray with marshmallow clouds and Rolo treasure for breakfast.

All the kids had a blast!

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